As the coronavirus pandemic continues to leave many people working remotely, it has never been so important that companies look for new ways to build more inclusive cultures. Conversely, it has also never been so important that employees have ways to engage with the world beyond work and the walls of their homes. In these ways – and more – the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in November 2020 was a more timely gathering than ever.

Like so many events in 2020, the Women’s Forum was held virtually. But the topics under discussion were as real as ever. The theme for the Forum was ‘Beyond Recovery: Designing an Inclusive World’ and delegates around the world were brought together through the power of technology to exchange ideas on how to create a more inclusive and innovative world.

With a delegation of our employees attending the Forum, ExxonMobil has once again shown its support for the conference. Find out what some of our delegates heard and said – and what inspired them:

Philippe Ducom, President of ExxonMobil Europe, joined a panel of political and business leaders, to put forward his vision for the future of work. Having been an advocate for gender diversity in the workplace for many years, Philippe emphasized the connection between innovation and diversity. “Our ability to innovate now and in the future will depend heavily on nurturing future generations and creating a diverse and inclusive environment,” Philippe said.

Philippe placed particular emphasis on the importance of gender equality in the education of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. “The rise of new technology could increase the gender gap,” Philippe warned. “It’s a strong call for action to provide solid STEM education for girls and women and to inspire them to embrace careers in STEM skills.”

Find out more about how ExxonMobil creates a diverse and supportive workplace and supports STEM education.


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