Tackling the dual challenge of providing the energy people need while managing environmental impacts and the risks of climate change demands every ounce of our ingenuity.

That means deploying our scientific, engineering and technological know-how to the task, as well as our sheer determination. At ExxonMobil, we believe it also means harnessing the contribution of our most talented people in every field, to ensure the power of diversity is on our side.

We sat down with four women in leadership roles across the company to ask them to share their insights and advice to women seeking to take the lead, as well as their reflections on the dual challenge.

ExxonMobil is committed to supporting the women who work here and ensuring that we are a meritocracy where male and female employees have the same opportunities to go as far as their talent will take them. Our internal Women’s Interest Network (or ‘WIN’, as it’s known) provides a source of mentoring and support for women within the business, but we also have supportive policies. Speaking at the 2019 Women’s Forum Global Meeting, Paul Greenwood, project executive at ExxonMobil human resources, talked about some of these policies:


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