In November 2022 delegates from ExxonMobil attended the Women’s Forum Global Meeting in Paris, which has been attended every year since the forum began in 2009 – and we’ve been a sponsor since 2014.

The forum looks at global challenges through a female lens, with panelists addressing a range of topics – from encouraging young women to pursue a STEM education, to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. “It’s been a real honor to be the delegate lead this year,” says April Feick, EMEA regional director at ExxonMobil. “I get to hear all of our delegates’ different views on what they’re learning, what they’re listening to, and what’s important to them.”

As a company focused on building a diverse workforce, ExxonMobil’s 2022 delegation wanted to highlight the need to support women-owned businesses by creating opportunities for them to access more corporate and government spending. Eda Demir, EAME sustainability advisor at ExxonMobil, joined a panel discussion to talk about the importance of supplier diversity — including outlining our work with WeConnect International, a non-profit organization connecting female entrepreneurs with global buyers.

“I’m very proud of working at ExxonMobil,” Eda says. “Because in supplier diversity, we have a framework, we have policies, and we have our active employee resource groups like our Women’s Interest Network.” We spoke to April and Eda while they were at the forum:


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