ExxonMobil has joined other energy industry leaders in supporting society’s global transition to a lower-carbon world. The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative’s member companies have set a target to reduce by 2025 the collective average carbon intensity of members’ aggregated upstream oil and gas operations. The target is consistent with OGCI’s support of the Paris Agreement goals.

Each member company is implementing a range of measures in their operations, including improving energy efficiency, reducing methane emissions and minimizing flaring, among other efforts.

ExxonMobil has taken a leadership role in methane emission-reduction efforts, proposing a methane emissions framework for industry-wide methane regulations, and urging stakeholders, policymakers and governments to develop comprehensive, enhanced rules to reduce emissions in all phases of production.

We remain on track to meet our commitment to reduce flaring by 25 percent and methane emissions company-wide by 15 percent by the end of this year, compared to 2016 levels.

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