Today, health care workers are faced with a scarcity of protective face masks and shields, and the supply chains are working day and night to keep up with the demand.

That’s why an ExxonMobil team of experts in chemicals, materials science and manufacturing is offering their experience to help a collaborative effort organized by the Global Center for Medical Innovation.

This network, which represents industry, academia and government, is rethinking how protective equipment, specifically face shields and face masks, is made.

All this happened in just a matter of days. So far, 50,000 face shields have already been produced. Production facilities are ramping up to manufacture more than 16,000 shields per hour in the coming days. The collaboration has also produced models for a new, reusable face mask design that will address the shortage of N95 masks.

Here’s a look at that newly designed medical face mask and highlights on what makes it an essential tool in fighting the spread of the coronavirus.


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