ExxonMobil is working to help meet the needs of health care professionals and other frontliners in critical roles fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as well as those socially distancing themselves to help reduce the spread of the virus. While those needs continue to evolve, the company remains focused on working to meet global energy demand.

“On our offshore platforms, in our refineries, at our lubes and chemical plants and throughout our facilities worldwide, our people are getting the job done while protecting themselves and others,” writes Darren Woods, ExxonMobil chairman and CEO.

Safety is priority one. We have implemented new cleaning measures and social distancing policies at our facilities around the world, and many employees are working remotely to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • For those who are most critical to our operations, such as our workforce at refineries, chemical plants and production sites, staff are now working in small-team shifts and are required to ‘social distance’ from colleagues.
  • For our customers filling up their vehicles, we have been working with our distributors and the operators of our Esso branded service stations to sanitize surfaces and pump handles more frequently and encouraging the use of contactless payment where possible, such as the Esso App in the UK.

Meanwhile, we continue to produce the fuel the world needs.

  • Petrol, diesel, marine fuels and other products are being shipped around the world, enabling doctors, nurses and other medical personnel to get to hospitals to help critical patients.

Chemical plants near and far are working to help fill shortages in medical protective gear and disinfectants.

  • The world’s largest isopropyl alcohol production unit, the Baton Rouge Chemical Plant, Louisiana, USA is working at maximum capacity to provide the main ingredient of hand sanitizer to those who need it – including supplying to New York, currently the most impacted of the US states.
  • Following a request from a nearby company, ExxonMobil’s refinery in Gravenchon, Northern France, was able to supply them with the bottles they needed to package and transport hand sanitizer to medical facilities.
  • We are also helping provide the necessary chemicals used in medical face masks, IV bags, ventilator machines and hospital gowns.

The bottom line: No matter what crisis the world faces, hardworking employees at ExxonMobil continue to supply the energy and chemical products needed to respond.


Philippe Ducom President ExxonMobil Europe


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