ExxonMobil is a company made up of scientists and engineers, and STEM skills – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’re passionate about supporting STEM education and the students who choose to apply their brainpower to these fascinating subjects.

One of our long-standing STEM education programs is the Sci-Tech Challenge. Hosted by ExxonMobil and JA Europe, the challenge invites teams of students from across Europe to solve a modern challenge for society, using their STEM skills. This year’s challenge? How do you provide the food and beverage offering of a music festival in a sustainable way, utilizing the principles of a circular economy?

 Find out more about the Sci-Tech Challenge and how this year’s winning team – ‘GreenFest’ – felt about their success in our film below. Or why not test your own STEM knowledge with our #SolveItWithSTEM quiz!


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