Established in 1933, ExxonMobil’s integrated platform in Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, Normandy, France, has played a key role in the town’s economy and community ever since. When Esso and Mobil first built refineries here on the banks of the River Seine, the facilities created so many jobs we also built two housing neighbourhoods – ‘Standard’ and ‘Vacuum’ – for our employees to live in.

As it happens, Esso and Mobil merged in 1999, to become ExxonMobil.

Today, around 10,000 people live in the town of Gravenchon and ExxonMobil employs around 2,150 directly. However, our relationship with the local community goes much deeper. Through our relationships with 2,000 contractors, we help support approximately 6,000 more jobs in Normandy – from suppliers to teachers.

Take our 360° virtual tour of Gravenchon and discover the many roles ExxonMobil plays in the local community. In each scene you can click on the image boxes to find out more about our relationship with the area. Click on the black hexagon in the top left hand corner of the tour window for a full screen immersive experience and use the arrows at the bottom of the tour window to move between the scenes:


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