What is lithium? It’s a key component of electric vehicle batteries. To meet projected growth in EVs, the world will need a lot more lithium. ExxonMobil plans to become a leading supplier of lithium, using a modern process that has significantly less environmental impact than traditional mining.

We also have a deep connection to battery technology: Our own Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham led the research that resulted in the world’s first lithium-ion battery. In 2019, he won a Nobel Prize for his work. Read about the battery that changed the world.

Lithium is the latest example of how we’re helping automakers meet the world’s evolving transportation needs while also working to reduce emissions.

Arkansas, United States

Southwest Arkansas has a long history as an oil and gas producer. But deep underground is another valuable resource: saltwater brine, rich in lithium. We can safely produce this lithium using many of the skills we’ve honed over decades, including geoscience, reservoir engineering and chemical processing.

Our lithium will strengthen supply security for the companies investing in EV and battery manufacturing facilities in North America. The product will be branded as Mobil™ Lithium, building on the rich history of deep technical partnership between Mobil and the automotive industry.

Why it matters

Critical shift

EVs can play a key role in reducing emissions in transportation, which today accounts for nearly one-quarter of global energy-related CO₂ emissions.

New supply source

Today, most of the world’s lithium is produced in Western Australia, South America and China. We plan to produce lithium in North America.

In demand

EVs rely on lithium for their rechargeable batteries. Lithium demand is expected to quadruple by 2030. The European Commission has predicted that the EU’s demand for lithium batteries to power electric vehicles and expand energy storage capacity will increase by 12 times by 2030. Lithium is included in the Commission’s proposed Critical Raw Materials Act, which seeks to ensure secure and sustainable supplies of critical raw materials for European industries.

Competitive edge

We’ll tap lithium-rich brines deep underground, using processes similar to those we use in our existing production and refining businesses.


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