Whether our colleagues are working with complex materials in one of our research labs, carrying out maintenance at great heights at one of our industrial plants, or just driving to work at the office – one of our key internal safety mantras is that everyone should leave work the same way they arrived.

Whilst safety at work is extremely important to us, we also want to help colleagues be healthier, happier and safer in their everyday lives.

The biannual SSHE Day fair at ExxonMobil’s European Technology Centre in Brussels, Belgium, is the embodiment of this philosophy. SSHE stands for safety, security, health and environment – the four pillars of our holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

Take a wander around SSHE Day 2019 and meet some of the people who help make it happen:

Organized by over 100 volunteers from across our Brussels campus, the SSHE Day fair gives everyone on campus the chance to find out more about how the company can support them.

Stands at the fair promote a variety of initiatives – from how to improve your intake of fruit and vegetables or how to drive more safely, to how to lower your individual environmental impact with best practice recycling.

This year, one stand even offered employees a chance to take a series of tests that help us learn how fatigue and hunger can affect decision-making – including riding the famous ‘reverse bicycle’.

A great many thanks to all those volunteers who took part!


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