China’s automobile fleet will grow a whopping 250 percent to more than 400 million vehicles by 2040, according to projections in ExxonMobil’s latest Outlook for Energy.

That’s why, at the ExxonMobil Shanghai Technology Center, engineers and scientists work to improve the performance of tires manufactured by companies in China and across Asia.

One example is a family-owned company called Cheng Shin Tire & Rubber, which works closely with the Shanghai Technology Center to improve key tire components, including innerliners.

Innerliners made from halobutyl rubber prevent oxygen from entering the tire structure and degrading the vulcanized rubber, making tires safer and longer lasting. Using halobutyl innerliners also means tires retain air better, improving fuel economy and increasing overall efficiency, which reduces emissions and helps the environment.

To get the full story on the Shanghai Technology Center and ExxonMobil’s partnership with Cheng Shin Tire & Rubber, click here to watch our video.


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